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Why is Wells Fargo Securities (WFS) a good place to start your career?
WFS offered the two things that I was looking for in my first job out of college: a challenging role and people who wanted to help me succeed in my career. Although my job has a steep learning curve, I?m surrounded by colleagues who have gone out of their way in order to support me when I first started and supplement my learning opportunities as I?ve progressed through the last two years.

What do you think makes someone successful at WFS?
I think that success at WFS demands intellectual curiosity in addition to the usual complement of strong analytical and interpersonal skills. It?s easy to see how this relates to my role -- before making an investment decision, analysts need to thoroughly understand a company and the environment in which it operates. However, I think that the same characteristics apply to positions across WFS as a whole. Understanding why (and not just how) something works gives you a deeper knowledge base to bring to your job.

Describe your summer internship experience at WFS.
I interned with Principal Investing after my junior year in college, spending time with both the corporate credit and the municipal credit groups. Interning in the same group that I later joined as a fulltime analyst really helped to facilitate the transition from collegiate to professional life. There was a shorter adjustment period, as I was already familiar with the group?s people, processes, and culture.

Do you participate in any team member networks? If so, please describe the network, your involvement, and its value.
I?m a committee member in WFS? San Francisco Women?s Network, working specifically with the networking and campus relations groups. We?ve been able to organize events ranging from a volunteer activity at a local women?s shelter to a ?Preparing for a Career in Finance? panel at UC Berkeley. Wells Fargo is a big organization, and to me, the network?s value lies in its ability to make the company feel smaller. My involvement has allowed me to meet and get to know colleagues of all levels from many different groups throughout WFS.


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